Quantity Follows Quality

For the first time in my life I’ve planted fruit trees and grass, and they’re growing!


I’m amazed at the organic truth in the garden that is also true for humanity and the Kingdom of God – when the circumstances are good (quality), the growth occurs (quantity). It’s proving true for my lemon trees and my lawn, but more importantly it’s proving true for the Sasak people of Indonesia.


For years I watched and wondered why my lemon tree was so dull. Then my parents taught me to feed the tree with compost and nutrients. Brilliant! Vavoom! growth! Now I have lemons.


I’m thrilled to tell you too, that we broadcast in the Sasak language to this group of around 3 million people. They are almost entirely Muslim. FEBC has been broadcasting quality programmes by shortwave for 22 years, and many have come to faith in Christ. One of our partners recently visited a Sasak area to meet with our contacts, who reported that around 10 people a month are trusting Jesus Christ! Growth.


Seeing the Kingdom of God come takes quality communications. It takes time. It’s wonderful and hard work. It takes many kinds of service, but of all the things we do, people need to be fed with quality service. Not professional or perfect or flashy anything, but biblical truth, and sacrificial care.


Please pray for the Sasak people. That the church will continue to grow and bear fruit, and that programmers will deliver quality programmes to these hungry people.


Be encouraged,




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