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How many Christmases are left?

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Year after year we celebrate Jesus’ first coming, but when will he return? How many Christmases are left? Are these the last days? Why did John the Baptist doubt Jesus? What is the real scandal of Christmas? Enjoy this thinking blog for a Happy New Year…

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Missions, Smuggling, and the Laws of the Land.

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In a recent article here and in the Missions Interlink Bulletin I wrote about smuggling radios into North Korea. Not all Christians agree with the idea of smuggling…


Radio Team Faces Fear.

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One of our unofficial slogans in FEBC is “On-air, online, and on the ground.” Communicating with people on-air and online can be done from miles […]

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My Anger Has Disappeared!

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Mrs Cherueb has every reason be sad and angry. But she’s happy and peaceful, and she blames FEBC’s FamilyFM in Cambodia!   Em’s husband died of […]