Personal Reflections

There’s Nothing That Can’t Be Fixed.

My father, Maurice Clifford Perry, passed away just before Christmas after a struggle with Motor Neuron Disease. My sisters Di and Cath shared their special memories, as well as Dad’s sister Pam Hansen, his oldest school friend John Christie, and Paul Maxim from the Tararua Tramping Club. This is my tribute to him, spoken at his funeral on Monday 22nd December, at All Saints Anglican Church in Otaki. Feel free to add your own comments or tributes in the comments section below.

“There’s nothing that can’t be fixed.” This is the saying we grew up with, thanks to our Dad, Maurice. It’s the can-do attitude of a very practical, loving and generous man.

Our Mother Fleur, and the family are so grateful for all your support today, we’re so glad you came.

Whether he was your Dad or husband, your brother or your friend, Moss fixed things, made them go, and he made them better. As a family we love the fact that our lasting memories are of a wonderful man who regulalry sacrificed his own comfort and time to ensure that our lives were well oiled and working properly.

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