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Weary from 2022? Find rest in 2023.

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Jesus’ offer of rest is one of the sweetest texts in the Bible. Enter the New Year with hope for an easier journey? read on …

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How many Christmases are left?

Estimated read time 10 min read

Year after year we celebrate Jesus’ first coming, but when will he return? How many Christmases are left? Are these the last days? Why did John the Baptist doubt Jesus? What is the real scandal of Christmas? Enjoy this thinking blog for a Happy New Year…


Christian broadcasting: “For such a time as this.”

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Millions and millions of people cannot socialise, travel, or gather, but Christian radio and media is online and on the airwaves speaking faith…

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Partnerships, Collaboration, & Side Tracks.

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Why does Luke use two different words for “partners” in the story about the calling of the disciples?