Hi, I’m Matt Perry. This blog is a personal space to share encouraging things about God, His work in the world, FEBC, and pretty much anything I think might inspire you. Please feel free to leave a comment, start a conversation, or share the ideas.

Take courage!

A Lockdown Letter of Joy & Jesus

One of the most personal and positive letters in the New Testament speaks to us today, in lockdown from lockdown…

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Life After Easter – Be Wise and Alert.

A Biblical message from Luke 24:13-49 Why did Jesus call the disciples “foolish and slow of heart” ? And therefore, how can we be Wise and Alert?

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A great time to be a Bible College student.

In these strange days, as the world confronts Covid-19, our need for well trained Christians in China is as vital as ever.

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The world is better than it was! It’s true.

At the start of an election year here in New Zealand, and now in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, there is potential for anxiety…but…

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