The Best Way To Start Your Day.

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I’ve come to enjoy a simple but day changing habit. “Drawing near to God.”

With all the techniques and suggestions around for improving our lives, there’s no end of things we can “do.” But I really like the advice in the book of Hebrews, chapter 10. Even before we’re told to meet together, and encourage one another, we’re instructed to “draw near to God with a sincere heart” and to “hold unswerving to hope.” This is surely the best way to start any day, and the best way to go on in any circumstances.

What makes this so so wonderful is that it’s so easy. Anyone can do it. Whatever skills you have or don’t have. Whatever state of well being or sickness you’re in. As long as you’re conscious, you can draw near to God, and hold on to hope. We are encouraged to turn our minds, our thoughts, our attention, our conscious self over to Jesus. Before we even open our eyes in the morning we can draw near to God with our inner most being.

The Apostle Paul tells us in the book of Philippians 4:8 to first think, about certain things. Then we’re to practice the behaviours we’ve learned from God’s word and people. Paul’s advice here gives us some ideas for those “drawing near to God” moments we grab throughout the day. He says don’t be anxious, but talk to God, and ask for what you need, and give thanks for what you have.

This encouragement is for you. So what about other people? A radio ministry like FEBC is about announcing the nearness of God, and the hope, and the promises, and the beauty of His way to live life. People all over the world are being encouraged to draw near to God. For untold people in countries like Vietnam, India, Ukraine, Myanmar, China, Yemen, North Korea, … this is a radical idea, and not a simple thing to do in their traditional religions. Turning to God starts in our thinking, and radio is a great way to tell people this great news.

Draw near to God today, and pray for those who are just discovering that it’s possible.

Be encouraged,


The Best Way


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