Failing Well !?!

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If you listen to Radio Rhema, Life FM, or Star, you may have heard my devotional spots. They’re designed to encourage biblical thinking and action, on all sorts of regular life topics.

A few people have asked for a recent one called “Failure” – so here’s the heart of it. I hope it helps.


I like the quote “I don’t fail, I just find new ways that things don’t work!”

Failure has become a whole new entertainment spectacle – websites are devoted to showing some spectacular “fails.” Many of them are just people trying new things, and falling over in the process! Often these people are innovating and thinking differently. Of course sometimes they’re simply not thinking, and they deserve to fall over.

I reckon it’s good to innovate and take risks, and real failure is when we stop trying new things. Failure is not only about what we do, it’s also about what we don’t do. Proverbs says ‘we fail when we don’t confess our sins, and God is merciful when we confess, and give them up.’  (Prov.28.13)

We all fall short, and sin is failure. But we can fail well so to speak – if we confess our sins and change our ways.


Failing is now very popular entertainment.

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