Everybody Loves a Win-Win


Everybody likes a Win-Win. It’s a refreshing thing to go into an activity that can’t fail! Did you know that communicating the words of God to anyone is a win-win exercise? I assure you, I’m not being tricky.


Revelation 1:3 says this


“Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.”


In the time John was writing these words, most people couldn’t read. What’s more, the Roman empire was a brutal and not-so-friendly-to-Christians kind of government. So when Christians met together for fellowship, teaching, worship and outreach, they needed a “reader.” Someone who could actually read and deliver the life-giving words of God.


The first Win – John is basically saying ‘What a great privilege and thrill to be that person. The one who gets to communicate God’s ideas, God’s plan, Jesus’ life… to all sorts of listeners. This work is a great privilege, and not everyone has the inclination and the means to do it.


Today we have much higher literacy rates worldwide, but still over 900 million adults and youth are illiterate! And that’s not the only barrier to hearing the words of God. There are many hostile governments, resistant religions, as well as great distances between Christians and others who haven’t heard of Christ.  


So John says to you today – Happy and privileged are you who communicate the words of God to others. You are like their personal reader!


Of course, the second Win is the hearer. But we mustn’t stop there. The real pleasure is for those who not only ‘hear,’ but take to heart the truths. Take them seriously and allow them to change us for good. So this is what we pray – let God’s words be taken to heart today in New Zealand, and China, and Pakistan, and Indonesia, and Mongolia, and Vietnam, and …


If you’re not part of a movement that communicates God’s words today, I urge you – Get involved 🙂  God promises pleasure for your (old word – “blessing”). What’s more, there are millions of people waiting to take His truth to heart!  And there is great pleasure awaiting them. Win Win.


Be encouraged, and be part of a winning work.




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