Stop it.


I’ve been pondering Jesus’ profound advice for those who worry. It’s profound in its brevity and simplicity. He says… don’t.


This seems like one of those perfect places to respond with “Well that’s easier said than done.” And I’d be right to say that. But the truth is – everything is easier said than done, so we should just get that behind us. Now moving on.


Jesus has been addressing greed, and generosity, and anger , and all manor of daily life issues. Then he opens the subject of basic life needs, and says “Do not worry about your life.” (Matthew 6:25ff). The context he uses for his listeners is ‘food and clothes.’


We’ve recently heard from one of our listeners in Thailand, and she has something to worry about. She’s been listening to our programme “Fill Up Our Hearts Together” on one of our 38 partner stations across that nation. Mali is a teacher in a Buddhist school, and while she is now convinced that God is real and Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life, if she declares her faith in Him she will almost certainly lose her job. Not only that, but her family may also reject her as she is responsible to make merit for her late parents’ souls.  What would you do?


Jesus offers us several promises, and one piece of advice. This week – the promises:


  1. God values us (“Are you not much more valuable than [the birds]?” Matt. 6:26.
  2. God cares much more for us than the rest of creation, and will feed and clothe us all the more than the birds. Matt 6:26, 30.


Mali believes this wonderful truth, yet she needs time to count the cost to her life. This is wise and good. She is not worrying, but she’s carefully weighing up the realities in the knowledge of God’s care and value for her.


I think Mali is off to a good start. Please pray for her. Remember too – Don’t worry about your life, God values you and cares for you very very much. Take time to think about that this weekend.


Next week – the life-changing piece of advice (from Jesus, that is).


Be encouraged,




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