What is Jesus’ answer to fear?

When I sum up the message of much of the advertising on TV at the moment, “fear” seems to be a big compulsion. Especially germs – we’re warned constantly to be afraid of catching something. So antiseptic soap is pushed at us. Untold cleaning products promise healthy families. And vaccines are a “must” this winter (Down Under remember).


Jesus spoke about fear in Luke chapter 12… Fear of physical death. Fear of shame and embarrassment. And fear of not having enough food and clothes. Quite wonderfully his answer to all these fears could be summed up as “Don’t be afraid, you are intimately loved by your heavenly Father, and he’ll take care of your needs.” (Luke 12:7,11-12, 22-31). Then, in a beautiful sweeping promise he says this:


“Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the Kingdom.” (v.32)


Wow. God is not promising us health, wealth, prosperity, or even a flu-free winter. Just the Kingdom!  The awesome, loving, all-powerful rule and reign of God Almighty in our lives, forever.


It’s really worth thinking about.


Be encouraged,


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