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I’ve been reflecting on one of my earlier blogs and some new thoughts came to mind!


Psalm 19 is still fascinating me. There’s a verse I mentioned last time that totally deserves more attention – and it’s all about audio communication.


Verse 3 says “There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard.”  This is a nifty little ‘double entendre.’  A single sentence with two meanings:


Firstly, it is literally saying that even though verses 1-2 are loaded with communication terms (declare, proclaim, pour forth speech, display knowledge) there is no actual speech from creation or God. The heavens and skies almost shout the glories of God, yet there is no language or audible talk of any kind.


And secondly, it is saying no people (language  group or ethnicity) are unable to perceive God’s communication!


So what for us mere mortals? Loads – this means God is communicating, everyone can perceive there is a great creator behind it all, AND OUR JOB IS TO ADD THE AUDIO!!


The role of the church is to go and make disciples, teach people to enjoy and obey God, announce the Good News and to give human voice to the announcement of the heavens! Adding voice is a huge and vital part of the mission of the church on earth, and we have the vocal cords and the technology to do it incredibly well. We just need to get on with it  🙂   Are you involved?

Vocal cords - very helpful in missions

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