Transformers! More Than Meets The Eye.

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Do you ever use the word “transform”?  Outside of church I mean. It’s a great word, and it certainly came back into vogue thanks to the movies “The Transformers.” But what does transformation in real life actually look like? Does it really happen? Can a leopard really change its spots?


I love getting letters from our radio stations around the world, and I love passing them on to you, because of the hundreds of thousands of letters, emails, phonecalls and texts FEBC recieves every year, many of them are from people saying:

I’ve changed! I’m different now, because of Jesus. Thank you.


So along those lines, I thought you might like to read this from a listener in Thailand.  She’s been listening to our programme “Heart Friend” for around 10 years. She’s written in a few times, and sometimes quite unhappily challenging the programme producers on the ideas from the Bible that are shared. But this month she wrote a different letter. Here are the best bits:


Greetings to the programmer,

Previously I had a bad personality, but when I listen to your programme Heart Friend, the teaching of God has gradually soaked in to my life for more than 10 years. This has made me think about my speaking and my listening, and because of God I’ve changed.

Previously I was angry a lot, and I used to blow up often. But I listen to Heart Friend every day, and I felt God doing something wonderful. Thank you for your graciousness and for everything you have done for me. Please forgive me if I have done anything wrong towards you.

Thank you that God has given me love …

May God bless you.” Mrs P. (Thailand) 


The Apostle Paul famously told us ” .. not to conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but to the be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Thank God that Mrs P allowed herself to “be transformed.” And thank you too for supporting missional radio.


God bless you, and be encouraged.




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