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Take courage!

How to avoid being “foolish and slow”?

Why would Jesus call two grieving friends “foolish and slow”? Can we avoid making the same mistakes? Read on..

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The apostle Paul wrote to his mentee Timothy with lots of seasoned advice about persevering in spiritually life, and leading others to follow Christ as well. There’s plenty of good theology, and good encouragement to grow emotionally healthy too.

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Lent Reflections – Ash Wednesday

Lenten reflections for 2019: Ash Wednesday Welcome to my first reflection for Lent 2019. Lent is a beautiful season of solemn preparation for Easter. Each Wednesday leading up to Easter I will post a brief biblical reflection on The Parable of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl  to inspire you with thoughts for your own life, […]

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You Never Know with People.

The well known Parable of the Sower is my favourite scripture-place-to-go this year. I call it the Parable of the Listeners because it’s mostly about the recipients of the seed/Word, and only a little bit about the Sower. You can read this parable in the Bible, in Matthew, Mark and Luke. Try Luke 8:4-21. My […]

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