Hi, I’m Matt Perry. This blog is a personal space to share encouraging things about God, His work in the world, FEBC, and pretty much anything I think might inspire you. Please feel free to leave a comment, start a conversation, or share the ideas.

Take courage!

The world is better than it was! It’s true.

At the start of an election year here in New Zealand, and now in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, there is potential for anxiety…but…

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Strange & Uncomfortable

A very ‘cultural’ experience in the Arab world that helped me to understand the Bible. One day when I lived in the Middle East, I visited a new friend at a remote university in Jordan. It was a hot day and it had been a long bus ride. When I finally found my friend, he […]

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How to avoid being foolish & slow #4

The early disciples made four key mistakes on the day of the resurrection. We can learn from them, and stay on mission!

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How to avoid being foolish and slow. #3

Two disciples met Jesus on the road to Emmaus on the Sunday after his crucifixion, but they didn’t recognise him. Why not?

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